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General Support for Biological Research:
We continuously supported biological research at the EMBL and outside according to our capacity.

  • quantitative profiling of sarcomere associated proteins in limp and extraocular muscle (slide 10) [1, 2]

  • studying the splicing mechanism by protein complex purification and sequencing at different stages of the splicing process [3]

  • Nup155’s role in nuclear envelope and nuclear pore formation [4]

Complete list of publications (Matthias Wilm)

Proteomics Visitor Laboratory:

In 2001 we spent a considerable amount of time to establish the proteomics visitor laboratory sponsored by
Waters and Biorad (slide 1-9). This visitor laboratory evolved into EMBL’s proteomics core facility.

Spin-Off Companies:
Two spin-off companies are directly related to main projects of our group, Protana, which later split off Proxeon, and CellZome.

  • Franz, C., P. Askjaer, W. Antonin, C.L. Iglesias, U. Haselmann, M. Schelder, A. de Marco, M. Wilm, C. Antony, and I.W. Mattaj, Nup155 regulates nuclear envelope and nuclear pore complex formation in nematodes and vertebrates. Embo J, 2005. 24(20): p. 3519-31.